Tolkien testifies to the truth of the Nephite record, unintentionally. He took his narrative about elves from actual history. He was a university-employed expert in early European manuscript accounts.

Frodo was a real person (not a hobbit) - who was contemporary with Christ.

Gandalf and several other names used by Tolkien? Also lifted from historical manuscripts.

The Elves are simply people who anciently occupied the Elbe region, and who gave Rome a thumping in 9 AD, which is why it was an honored heritage. Gifted in warfare, healing, prophecy. A real people. At least a good number of them were Nephites...transplants from the Americas.

Many of them migrated to Britain where that Isle was subsequently renamed after them: Angle-land/England.

Tolkien acknowledges that elven [Elbe] origin accounts point to them having arrived anciently across the Ocean, from the West. He also explained that in the end of the age, they would return to the land of their heritage. A promise which has its fulfillment in modern emigration to the Americas.

In that vein, Tolkien notably emphasizes the importance of Shield's ancient landfall in Europe by boat - the founding father/patriarch of European monarchs, including the English and Danish lines. A servant-king after the nature of Mosiah and Benjamin. Shield was a Nephite, and I happen to descend from him, as do millions of others. European chronicles place his arrival by boat in the 1st century BC, contemporary with Hagoth.